Hire a writing and creative design professional who understands how marketing communications works in business. From the keyword-rich copy for your website to designing your newest brochure to crafting and distributing your unique newsletter, I can help you reach your customer with a targeted message.

Why hire a business writing and design professional?

  • You want your product or service marketing messaging to be as clear and crisp as possible.

  • You want to increase your sales with more effective communications to your customer.

  • You want to convert more leads into repeat business.

  • Maybe you want to give a refresh to your marketing communications and you don't have time.


How can I help you?

  • I am experienced in crafting various types of reader-friendly, benefits-focused copy for website pages, as well as longer-form content including blogs, whitepapers, case studies, sales/marketing/trade show collateral, digital media and internal documentation and content to enable your sales and service teams.

  • I have extensive experience in digital marketing and Social Media strategy design and execution resulting in increased customer engagement. 

  • I am skilled in Adobe Creative Suite, PowerPoint, Wordpress, and have been the lead designer and copywriter on numerous marketing communications projects.

  • I have over 20 years experience in Fortune 500 and small business marketing communications with industries like telecommunications, technology, construction, tax, senior care, and marketing.

  • I'm reliable, on time, on-budget, I answer my phone, and I return calls.

See my previous projects, read why I can help you, check my blog, and then call me. I can help you get in front of your customers and keep you there.